Once again, the BRAX GOLF Premium Collection tees off with plenty of facets! A precise interplay between fashion, sport and sporting performance make the game. Special highlights for the ladies and men are the trousers and tops in the x³wind, x³aquarex or THERMO PRO series. The x³wind membrane lining is laminated on the insides of trousers and high-quality knitted tops, and as well as being wind- and water-repellent provides a pleasant body climate with a high level of breathability. The x³Aquarex series is the enhancement of x³wind.Here, the x³Aquarex membrane is used exclusively for trousers, laminated on the inside of the lining, and it is also completely wind- and waterproof.Body moisture escapes easily, leaving the skin pleasantly dry. The THERMO PRO series is notable for the warm, breathable, easy-care functions of its trousers and tops. Fashionable trousers and tops delight with high-quality, warming thermal linings - either as a single lining or with a Super Brush inside. An Italian Pontetorto Techno Fleece anti-pilling fabric or breathable base layer for tops, brightly coloured on the inside, are the perfect companions on cold days. The BRAX G O L F material world develops without interruption, and provides the ultimate in lightness and softness.The focus is on advanced, modern materials that offer protection against the weather and are also breathable and wind, water and dirt-repellent. As well as the elegant x³wind, x³Aquarex, Thermo and Dynamics trousers, new Performance materials, brushed on the inside, delight. For cooler sets, the collection offers a high-quality Italian Pontetorto Techno Fleece fabric and an elegant windcheater lined with x³wind laminate in a high-quality knitted fabric.Ultra light x³performance down waistcoats with the Thinsulate™Insulation wadding by 3Mcomplete the outfit.These jackets provide the perfect insulation, and are used whenever and wherever players could soon start to freeze and the body quickly cools down. Luxurious, high-quality leather belts in the matching colours complete the golfer look.So you can even expect a birdie on a casual walk through the cities of the world. Benefit from the power of a strong brand, and look forward to this harmonious, exclusive collection!